Ze Mean Bean Café
1739 Fleet Street
Fells Point, MD 21231

(410) 675-5999

About the Café

As our name suggests, we opened our doors in July of 1995 as a unique Eastern European Coffeehouse and Café. Ahh… yes, that’s where the “Bean” in Ze Mean Bean comes from! And the “Ze”? That denotes our “European” roots. The original concept was simple: owner Yvonne Dornic is of Eastern European decent. Her father is from Czechoslovakia, and her mother’s background is Polish and Ukrainian. Yvonne wanted to create an environment much like the coffeehouses of Eastern Europe, which served as social gathering places and outlets for local musicians and artists. Ze Mean Bean Café definitely exudes old world charm! Yvonne’s mother Ann adds to the Café’s intimate feel by filling the café’s dessert case with her delectable homemade signature desserts.

Soon after our opening, the reviews started rolling in and they were outstanding! Our little establishment, well prepared to serve up our signature coffee drinks, was not at all prepared for the popularity of our simple, but delicious home cooked meals. Baltimore Magazine announced ZBMC to be one of “Baltimore’s Best New Restaurants” in February of 1996 and we have had the honor of being selected as one of “Baltimore’s Best” in their annual review ever since! (View our rave reviews  to learn what else Baltimore’s culinary experts have to say about Ze Bean.)

In 1998 we expanded our kitchen and created a cozy second floor dining room that is the perfect setting for private parties and special events. In August of 1999 we secured our liquor license and set out to transform our coffeehouse setting into an elegant wine bar and dining destination.

Over the years ZMBC has had the privilege of having some of the region’s finest chefs man our kitchen. Each of them has brought a unique flair to our menu and left an indelible mark on our establishment. In the other side of the house, our experienced service staff is locally renowned for the warm and friendly welcome given to every guest as well as their first-class service.

Today, ZMBC stills serves up authentic Eastern European specialties…. however, our traditional menu is complimented with world class international “Chef’s Specialties”  and a carefully selected wine menu. What will tomorrow bring? Who knows!… We let our guests be our guides.


The reviews are in...

Voted one of “Baltimore’s Best Restaurants” by Baltimore Magazine
1996, 1997 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2009

Voted Baltimore’s “Best Comfort Food” by City Paper’s Dining Guide

Voted Baltimore’s “Best Eclectic Menu” by Baltimore Magazine 2000

Voted Baltimore’s “Best Place for a First Date” by Baltimore Magazine

Voted Baltimore’s “Best Brunch” by Baltimore Magazine 2001, 2006

Voted Baltimore’s “Best Brunch” by The Baltimore Sun

Voted Baltimore’s “Best Brunch” by City Paper 2001

Voted Baltimore’s “Best Brunch” by AOL City Guide 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008

 Voted Baltimore’s “Best Soup” for our Borsht by Baltimore Magazine, 1997

Voted Baltimore’s “Best Reuben” by Baltimore Magazine

Voted Baltimore’s “Best Pierogi” by City Paper 2003

Voted Baltimore’s “Best Coffee” by City Paper’s Dining Guide

Voted Baltimore’s “Best Coffee Bar” by City Paper 1997

Voted Baltimore’s “Top 10 Dessert & Coffee Destinations” by 10best.com

Presented with “Award of Distinction” by Zagat 2002, 2003, 2008

Voted one of the Top Ten "Winter Restaurants"  by The Baltimore Sun 2009



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